Skilled Aerial Cocoon

/ with Carolina Cabanas (2017)

This class is for those who have a skilled level in any aerial apparatus. We will work on exploring an authentic movement in the air, using the possibilities of the cocoon, learning how to use all the body in the air and learn how to use the connection instead of using the force of the arms. We will work on different vocabulary and sequences, and at the end of the workshop we will create a small sequence with all the material studied.

Cocoon Floor to air

/ with Carolina Cabanas (2017)

Just because you are in the air, it doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of the floor. We will explore ways of getting on and off the floor, trying to keep the same quality in the air as on the floor, and no separation between them. Creating roots to be grounded and letting go to fly in the air.

Cocoon creative lab (2 weeks)

/ with Carolina Cabanas (2017)

If you want to be in a creative process working with a group and be opened to create in new ways, this lab is for you! We will work with improvisations and lots of group communication dynamics, we will work and explore on creating images and situations in the air, using the cocoon apparatus in the air to create all this magic.

This is a two week class with a performance on Saturday 10th June.

Explorer/Improver Aerial Cocoon Technique

/ with Shane Holohan (2017)

Cocoon involves a unique combination of vertical and support movements. This class will help you develop the body awareness and physical capacity to approach verticals (rope, fabric) and supports (trapeze, hoop), or indeed to enjoy aerial cocoon for it’s own versatility. No experience required, just a strong willingness to learn.

You don’t need to have any experience in aerial to take this class. It’s perfect for starting out. You will be sore afterwards though!

The usual clothing for all aerial activity – please wear close-fitting clothing. Absolutely no jewellery allowed (if you have a stud piercing or ear-ring this must be taped before class starts). Absolutely no zips or studs on your clothing (running leggings tend to have sneaky zips). If your clothing has a zip you will not be allowed on the fabric.

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