Irish Aerial Dance Fest

28th May to 10th June 2017

Early Bird extended!

Did you miss out on the Early Bird? Fear not, you have another chance! Get those cheap early bird tickets before May 15th and save €150!

The eighth Irish Aerial Dance Fest will be held in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal on the following dates;

28th May – 10th June, 2017

Every year the festival gets better and better and (hopefully) there’s even more good honest aerial craic than ever before. So book the time off now while you have the chance!

We can’t wait.

Photo Gallery

catapillar Bungee hang dance warm up 1 amazeballs trapeze A R cocoon dance cyr wheel 1 green silk dance warm up 3 hands on cocoon joined up wall fun hands clear neck bend rte moves 1 zoom Saara cyr wheel 2 Saara cyr wheel solo silk dream Saphire rope spin hooping spiral door wall jump spiral hoop 1 drmdHoop 1 well hung aerialists in the hand Amy wall bungee ext class 2 Adams last night awsome spiral bungee drop bungee strenght bungeerest close trapz hold 1 coccoon Kalina dance trapexe 1 zoom double dance trap sml cloud swing 3 dance warm up 2 cloudswing 1 double meat hook fabric splits sml hands radial Hold trapeze legs Kat bung 1 hairfall Hold trapeze double silks 1 Livia Ro and ash show sexy hoop 2 sexy hoop Silk doubles amazballs spiral hang sml silk smiles hand clasp 1 spiral dismount zoom starshape cw darken straight spiral pose straps 1 zoom strap trapeze handstand trapeze high curve topless hold trapeze 2 superhero day twisted light wall jump sml twisted

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