Improver Fabric Technique

/ with Lindsey Butcher (2017)

Open to dancers and aerialists at improver level i.e. you should be familiar with vertical apparatus (either rope or fabric) class.

In the class we’ll work on specific strengthening exercises and techniques, learning different climbs, keys and building towards moving with ease, efficiency and a clearer understanding of how to expand upon and move with confidence through basic moves and sequences.

Pre requisites: You should be comfortable holding your own body weight on your arms and climbing the rope or fabric.

Skilled Fabric

/ with Carolina Cabanas (2017)

We will work on some technique and explore how to use our center and hips in the air, instead of depending only on the strength of our arms. You will learn different climbs, sequences and drops, and we will work on exploring your authentic movement in the air using the whole body with the material that you will learn. We want you to have your own voice in the air, and not just repeat the movement taught.

Advanced Fabric

/ with Amy Ell (2017)

So….you are strong and have great command of the fabric….but do you have ‘fabric brain’. Are you able to find new avenues of aerial discovery? It’s not about trick, trick, tricks but how you put skills together differently than others. What makes your act act/dance different? It’s time to discover your individual shimmer ….. how? You will be exposed to combinations beginning similarly and going many different directions….then let’s play and find your way!!!!!

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