Improver Hoop

/ with Lydia Lara (2018)

This class is for anyone who has been training on any aerial apparatus at least two hours per week for the last six months. We will work on proper form and technique to build strength and flexibility, and help your hoop practice. We will learn poses, skills, transitions, and spinning technique. We will have a chance to begin linking skills to create phrases and sequences. You must be able to invert under the bar to a stag (one leg in front/one leg behind), invert tuck under the bar, and climb on to sitting safely.

If possible: bring your yoga blocks, yoga strap, and any other tools you use to work on flexibility. Tip: condition your hands prior to the festival!! Remember you will be training on this metal apparatus every day for a whole week.

Skilled Hoop Technique

/ with Lydia Lara (2018)

This class is for students that have an existing confident hoop practice, one to two years of aerial experience, and meet the requirements listed below. We will learn challenging phrases including skills under the bar, mounts, ways of moving your body through and around the hoop as well as ways of making the hoop go around you, we will explore dynamic movement, drops, and shapes in all directions, different spinning techniques, orbits, and beats. This class is designed in choreographic spinning sequences with some static variations.

Please supply a video demonstrating safely and cleanly the following skills:

  • Straddle up with straight legs
  • Pull up, pull over, from straight arms (no jumping)
  • Single knee hang
  • Splits or within 4” from the ground
  • Backbend
  • Your favorite technique/skill move on hoop
  • Your favorite phrase on hoop

Advanced Hoop Technique

/ with Aisling Ní Cheallaigh (2018)

This class will explore in beautiful, excruciating detail the art of spiral movement and the practise of spinning like an absolute maniac. (Ginger and other antiemetics at the ready please!) We will also look at some basic dynamic movement and see if there is a crossover between the airtime found in dynamic movement and the light moments in a spin. The class will have both technical elements and creative ones with students encouraged to find their own way of moving the choreography.

Sorry, no exceptions, I need CORRECT lines and technique before you take this class. Video submission will be required through the booking system.

  • The ability to get into the hoop when spinning fast
  • Flares (any type)
  • Pullover from a dead hang
  • Splits (useful but no absolutely essential)
  • A confident, developed understanding of aerial hoop vocabulary and a thorough, existing practice on the apparatus.
  • No puking please

Additional class descriptions for hoop are still pending.

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