Improver Rope Technique

/ with Lee Clayden (2017)

For people with previous rope or silks experience. This class will work on improving the basics, exploring new movements, and linking movements together.

Improver Rope Technique

/ with Matthew Horton (2017)

This class will be focused on taking several tricks on rope and then expanding your repertoire around moving in, out and through them. we will begin with the basic moves and work through a number of possibilities of movement to find the style and movement that fits your body, and maybe find something new along the way. Participants should be able to climb confidently and link 2-3 tricks in a sequence. Close fitting clothes are a must to stop burns!

Skilled Rope Technique

/ with Matthew Horton (2017)

Participants should have a substantial knowledge and vocabulary in rope, minimum of one year experience.

This class will focus on ascent, climbs and using weight and momentum in your practice. you will be given a number of climbing techniques and materials that you will develop and adapt to your style as well as a foundation in dynamic beats and the application of dynamic movements.

Participants should have good body and spacial awareness and be comfortable creating their own vocabulary on rope. The class will encompass some dynamic elements so good grip strength and cardiovascular fitness is a must.

Advanced Rope Technique

/ with Matthew Horton (2017)

Participants should have experience with techniques that impact heavily on the body, including large drops and falls. some prior knowledge of beats and swings is required.

This class will focus on dynamic rope, progressing from beats to common release tricks and fundamental exercises to lay the foundations for more advanced acrobatic release moves on rope.

Prerequisites: good grip strength and stamina will be needed, equivalent of about 6-8 mins constant work on the rope. Good spacial and body awareness in the rope and in the air and good body tension.

Rope Rep

/ with Matthew Horton (2017)

This will be a supervised revision class going over all of the techniques we cover in both the skilled and advanced classes. Matt will be there to coach and supervise through repetitions of the elements and exercises taught in both previous classes. especially useful as time to brush up on the more difficult elements or anything you need help with!

Pre-requisites: Attendance at either the skilled or advanced workshop also taught by Matt.

Creative Play and Transitions

/ with Matthew Horton (2017)

This class will be focused on creative play on rope, aiming to give you a few tools to research new techniques and transitions. Over the class we will look at different methods that will help you create material that suits your body and the way you move on rope. Due to the nature of the class endurance on the rope is a must. We will be working on some improvisation while in the air so an understanding of how both the rope and your body move with each other is important. how to improvise safely is a must. suggested for skilled and up.

Pre-requisites: Good endurance on rope.

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