Roue Cyr

Explorer/Improver Roue Cyr

/ with Suzon Gheur (2017)

This class is for people who hopefully tasted the frustrating stage of learning how to waltz. We will be working variations of waltzing, different starts, fun ( I really mean fun! ) manipulations and inverted moves such as cartwheels and coins.

Please note: This class appears incorrectly in the PDF as improver/skilled with Ronan Brady.

Explorer Roue Cyr

/ with Mark Glover (2017)

This class is a fundamental introduction to core elements of Cyr wheel. It will include specific preparatory & core strengthening exercises and follows a step by step approach with logical progressions to make learning discipline of Cyr wheel easy and fun. Participants will work on coordination, balance and build towards learning manipulations, spins, rocks & cartwheels. You should be able to hold your own body weight on your arms but no prior experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable, close fitting training clothes (not baggy) & flat-soled plimsolls/trainers – Feiyue’s are ideal!

Improver Roue Cyr

/ with Mark Glover (2017)

This class is designed for those who already have basic foundational skills and want to refine their existing technique, plus gain more control and greater physical understanding. It will focus on understanding how basic drills are linked to more advanced skills and incorporate further preparations & variations for waltzing, cartwheels and coins, as well as Cyr wheel specific conditioning. Please wear comfortable, close fitting training clothes, (not baggy) flat soled plimsolls/trainers – Feiyue’s.

Skilled Roue Cyr

/ with Mark Glover (2017)

This class is specifically aimed at intermediate and advanced Cyr Wheelers. The sessions include core strengthening exercises, work on coordination, balance and building new transitions and more complex manipulations and variations on spins, rocks, cartwheels & coins. There will also be a chance to look at any particular problem areas you might be struggling with. Please wear comfortable, close-fitting training clothes (not baggy). Shoes should be slim soled plimsolls/trainers – Feiyue’s.

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