Warm Up

A must for all IADFers. Get your body into shape in the morning, and look after yourself in the evening. Details as follows;

PLEASE NOTE: When choosing your classes, please pick your warm-up in the same venue location as your first class.

Teacher: Ronan Brady

A general warm up for people doing Roue Cyr in the Theatre.

Teacher: Lee Clayden

A general dance warm up using Lee’s years of experience as a dancer working throughout Ireland and the UK. You will use breathing techniques and swinging motions that build into movement sequences towards the end of the session.

Teacher: Lydia Lara

In this 45 minute stretching warmup we will begin with some quick cardio exercises to get our bodies nice and warm. We will move to stretch everything needed for all our aerial work ahead. Be ready to work on three splits, shoulders, and back. If possible, bring your yoga blocks and non-stretch yoga strap.

Teacher: Amy Ell

Recumbent Ballet: Learn the basics of ballet on the floor. Strength and increased range of motion (flexibility) with grace to prepare you for a day of aerials.

Máire Dee

The class will get the body ready for the intense day ahead with a fun and energetic warm up. Blending movements from Pilates, dance and fitness will help to improve posture and muscle tone, increase flexibility and give the body time at the start of the day to safely focus on technique before going up in air. Suitable for all levels. Students are advised to wear comfortable clothing that allows you move.

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