/ with Pepe and Belén (2024)

We will enter the world of acrobatic movements, where agility, strength and dexterity are combined to create sequences of movements that defy imagination and gravity, exploring dynamic and static exercises, such as in duo or others in groups, Diving into the grace of falling forward with the power of a Front Flip to compose fluid sequences that will build confidence in your own skills and movements. This workshop is for all levels, from basic to a little more experienced.


/ with Pepe and Belén (2024)

Dare to fully trust your ability to maintain balance by defying gravity and focusing on technique, we will perform a variety of hand balancing movements. Together we will incorporate correct body alignment and weight distribution by trying various games and movements with our legs and exploring different surfaces, entrances and exits safely, building strength, flexibility and self-confidence. This workshop is for all levels, from basic to more experienced.

Partner Acro

/ with Oran and Saya (2024)

Do you feel alone? Do you wish your equipment talked back and gave you encouragement? Do your burning hands need a break?…Come hold onto some soft squishy humans instead.

This class will be a fun introduction to partner acro. Base, fly and balance with other people. We will work on a variety of exciting skills including dance lifts, two highs, L-basing and creative duets. Compliment your aerial training by building transferable skills while working your push muscles to give your pull muscles a rest.

Prereqs: No specific acro prereqs but must be comfortable working closely with other people and giving/ receiving weight.

Acro Flow (10am, week 2)

/ with Allison “Sonnie” Boyson (2024)

Curious about the lower flowier side of dance acrobatics? Want to add more variation to your movement? This class will cover all kinds of ways to interact with the floor in your movement, and will offer options for those just starting through those who would like more of a challenge or variations of what they already know.

A big part of this class is learning to use your full body – not just your feet and hands – to move and flow. To do so we will review safe engagement and alignment for foundational static poses, add on to create sequences, and then play with creating and controlling momentum! Entries and transitions, twists and slides, building from the basics of things like headstands/forearm-stands, shoulder stands and rolls, and kneeling/sitting/laying natural movement flow.