Improver Cocoon Technique

/ with Sianna Bruce (2020)

Cocoon/sling/hammock involves a unique combination of vertical and support movements. This class aims to help you develop a strong foundation and understanding of the apparatus whilst building upon your own body awareness and physical versatility. Little experience is required, just a strong willingness to learn and a basic understanding of aerial.

Skilled Cocoon Technique  

/ with Sianna Bruce (2020)

This level will focus both on technical aerial elements and creative ones with students encouraged to find their own way of moving through transitions within set choreography. Substantial hammock knowledge is required. We will also be looking at spinning technique throughout (although it is optional to spin).
This class is for those who train hammock on a regular basis and must have done so for a minimum of 3 years. You must be fully confident within the hammock itself yet still possess a natural curiosity with the apparatus.


  • A deep understanding of correct alignment
  • Well rounded aerial strength and stamina
  • Understanding of your own bodies weaknesses and strengths.
  • Splits (desirable)
  • Grip strength
  • Experience in drops
  • Experience in spin
  • Pull over (no jumping)
  • Solid front balance
  • Solid back balance
  • Long arm inversions in the hammock (or working towards this)

Cocoon Lab (Perform July 11th)  

/ with Sianna Bruce (2020)

Cocoon Lab will work together on a performance for the 11th July.

This Lab will be unique as it will be created for the crazy and wonderful people who sign up.

Set choreography will be taken as a skeleton and worked on together as a group and/or individually.

The fun part is the two week artistic processes. Working together we aim to find what WE as a group want to perform. I am very much interested in the person, the performer, your opinions and experiences that have brought you to chose this Lab… not whether you can do 10 perfect inversions in a row (although that is fabulous all by itself). We have been given the opportunity to explore together and perform with hammock so please come with a completely open mind.

More information will be given closer to the time.

Disclaimer, this will not be a boring piece of aerial.