Improver/Skilled Doubles Trapeze

/ with Toni Gutierrez (2020)

This course offers an insight into the basics you need to know in order to start working in couples on the same trapeze.

The workshop is also designed in order to gain strength and have a taste in both, either catching or being a flyer. There will be excercices to work individually, such as figures and other repertoire without having to hold someones weight but creating different movements and synchronized figures, tricks and positions at the same time in the same trapeze.

You will be also trained in order to eventually hold others weight in the different catchers positions. We will go through material such as ways to go up, figures on others body, falls,etc.

You can attend on your own or with a partner and in the first session we will try to pair people who can work together for the rest of the week.

Clothing: padding for around the thighs and the backs of knees is helpful. You can just layer up, and stretchy knee tubes/supports work well. Do not wear loose clothing: it’s guaranteed to get caught.

Skilled Doubles Trapeze  

/ with Toni Gutierrez (2020)

The aim of this workshop is to start or keep working with dynamics in duo trapeze, through mainly the work based in “static” beats and eventually long swings.

We will mainly work in the “classic” catching and flyer position, so it is important if students can come with their own partners. Otherwise we will match them during the course, but it is basic that catchers are used to be hung upside down and trained to hold someones weight for a reasonable amount of time.

We will build the technique through some anatomical concepts, focusing on how to hang from someone’s hands and putting special attention on our body alignment to create dynamic moves and tricks, always under a safety look and avoiding injuries.

As a dynamic technique (based in aerial cradle) we will work with opposite forces, centrifugal speeds, counterweight, tempos and lots of beats in order to be able to execute acrobatic exercises, learning with the help of a lunge.

Experience in duo aerial work is needed, be in good shape and have a strong body consciousness.


Doubles Rope

/ with Toni Gutierrez (2020)

The intention of this workshop is to go deeper into a journey of research. Guided through different preparations, excercices and tools, we will go into a journey that will take us to explore the infinity of duo material that arises between two bodies and a rope. It is aimed at people who are familiar with corde lisse and curious about the experience of being with another body on the same axis. Experience in duo work in any other aerial apparatus is important, even though coming with your own partner is not compulsory.

We will work through diverse trainings and games in order to familiarize and feel comfortable on being two people in the rope, holding others weight in many different positions, earning endurance and listening to the other. Also exploring what happens while the rope is loose (person under) and when it’s tense (person over).

A special focus will be put on the non-differentiation of traditional roles (man-woman/flyer-catcher/big-small).

Wall Doubles

/ with Maire Dee & Beverley Grant (2020)

Previous wall running experience required, but not doubles wall running. No partner required. The class will explore working with a partner beside you on the wall. How can you interact with your partner, how can you manipulate their rope? Exploring shapes, running and rotations, both in sync and out of sync.