Improver Fabric Technique

/ with Lydia Lara (2019)

This class is for dancers and aerialists who have been training on any aerial apparatus at least two hours per week for the last six months or once a week for the past year.

We will work on proper form and technique to build strength and flexibility, and help your hoop practice. We will learn poses, skills, transitions, and spinning technique. We will have a chance to begin linking skills to create phrases and sequences.

Pre requisites: You must be able to invert under the bar to a stag (one leg in front/one leg behind), straddle to hook one knee, and pull over on to hip hang.

If possible: bring your yoga blocks, yoga strap, and any other tools you use to work on flexibility. Tip: condition your hands prior to the festival!! Remember you will be training on this metal apparatus every day for a whole week.

Skilled Fabric Technique  

/ with Amy Ell (2019)

Welcome to the wonderful world of fabric brain!

So you know the basics well, but have you really explored where they can take you? This class is beyond learning phrases/tricks in the air. It’s about exploring possibilities and identifying wraps. This is a great class for teachers and performers alike. Amy will introduce you to new pathways from basic setups including modifications.

Come play!

Video: Each of the following basic skills done in the air with control: Ball, Straddle up, Hip key

Advanced Fabric Technique

/ with Amy Ell (2019)

This is a ‘what if’ class.
This is a class where strength, agility, and creativity is mandatory.
This is a class for leaders and innovators.

This is not a class to just follow along, this is a class to lead the way.
This is a class for those who KNOW they are advanced.

What you will receive from Amy:
A beginning with many endings. New pathways. New ways to traverse the fabric. New ways to look at fabric knowledge, exploration, and creation.

Yes, you must bring your fabric brain to this class. You will be challenged to create your own new pathways not just add on your favorite pathways, rolls, or drops. Let’s think outside the norms. Let’s find new fabric choreography!

Video requirements: Choose 4 to 6 different inversions, e.g. ball, hip key, pike, straddle, etc. Perform them consecutively in the air, slowly with no momentum, in both short arm and long arm, and with GORGEOUS form.