Improver Fabric Technique

/ with Lindsey Butcher (2018)

Open to dancers and aerialists at improver level i.e. you should be familiar with vertical apparatus (either rope or fabric) class.

In the class we’ll work on specific strengthening exercises and techniques, learning different climbs, keys and building towards moving with ease, efficiency and a clearer understanding of how to expand upon and move with confidence through basic moves, sequences and creative play.

Pre requisites: You should be comfortable holding your own body weight on your arms and climbing the rope or fabric i.e. this is not your first vertical apparatus class.

Skilled Fabric

/ with Amy Ell (2018)

You’ve been doing aerial fabric for some time. You are a fairly quick learner of new fabric combinations and drops.

It’s time to expose you to fabric theory. Let’s get your brain working. What will you gain by learning fabric theory? You will learn to look at fabric combinations differently. Examine them… and then learn to find new pathways. Let’s play in the air and make new inventive choreography!

Video: Your video can be shot in the studio or performance. You must be able to consecutively invert and have a solid hip key. Please show several drops also.

Advanced Fabric

/ with Amy Ell (2018)

It’s time to get our fabric brain on….

As an Advanced aerialist….I️ know I’m always looking for a new way to reinvent the wheel. Find a new pathway. Find that ‘what if’ moment.

Think of this as a ‘study in fabric’. You will learn a handful of my experiments/new pathways in fabric. In addition, as a class we will look at a handful of tried and true setups/combinations and find different ways to get into and out of them. And finally, we will stack drops and find ways to take those old drops and make them new and unusual.

This is the rubik’s cube of fabric! Join me for a true tangling/untangling!

For this class you must be competent in fabric, not just able to regurgitate aerial combinations. You must have a very good comprehensive of wraps.

Video: A good performance video (not a rehearsal video). Dive wrap to single star wrap and back to dive wrap in the air. (This can be a studio shot video.)

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