Improver/Skilled Fabric Technique

/ with Kate Dunne (2022)

Kate will lead you through clever and creative sequences to help push your fundamental knowledge of silk repertoire. You will indulge in new pathways and technical wraps and even develop new shapes whilst handling these silky fabrics.

Skilled/Advanced Fabric Technique  

/ with Shannon McKenna (2022)

Split Tissu Projecting

In rock climbing, the term “projecting” is used when a climber is working on a certain route up a mountain, but may not quite know the path yet. Projecting a route is how you gain strength, increase awareness, and make unique movement discoveries based on what works for your body. In this class, students will be given a “route,” a of split tissue choreography- simple steps mixed in with challenging surprises. We will “project” the route together, but each student may come across a different solution for how to achieve their version of the choreography.

Video Requirements: must be able to climb to the top of the fabric upright, and in straddle climb, and do three consecutive pull ups. A strong back balance and front balance will be helpful, but are not required.

Rope/Fabric Creative

/ with Kate Dunne (2022)

This unique workshop will be led with the intention of finding your inner creative. For those wanting to create personable and innovative aerial movement, Kate will guide you through individual and collaborative exercises that will get you out of your head and into your body, and back again!