Improvers Taster Day

Improvers Taster Day

Suitable for anyone interested in Aerial Dance above the age of 16.

If you’ve had some experience with aerial but are looking to try some more and find out what apparatus is really for you, then this is the course for you.


This is a fun class for people that have never tried any aerial before, so that they can learn in a safe environment. It is also suitable for people with a little experience that want to learn more before trying Fabric. The class is a full-body toner utilizing the aerial cocoon to help with building core strength to be able to start the day in the air. You will also learn all the basic aerial technique to hang, spin, twist, balance and swing.



Aerial technique in silks/fabric: open to dancers and aerialists at improvers stage, who must be able to use a variety of climbs and inversions and are working towards drops. The class is structured like any dance technique class, beginning with a warm up and exercises on the fabric, to understand the how your body moves in space. We will work on specific strengthening exercises, different climbs, basic keys, and short sequences. The goal is to be able to express ourselves with ease, using a clear technique as a foundation and our bodies within the fabric as the medium.

Harness and Wall-Running

Using a sit-harness and abseil equipment, the class will begin with basic kit familiarisation & then a short intro covering specific core stability strengthening & preparation. It will then move through basic orientation on different planes, building towards a more dynamic vocabulary. Please wear multiple snug layers around your hips and waist for your comfort (trust me, this is the best bit of advice you’ll get!) and if you have a harness, please bring it with you.