Performance Classes

Performance Classes

Comedy Conscious Presence

/ with Jym Daly (2017)

Jym has been performing and acting for many years and is the other half of Fidget Feet. He has pulled together what he feels is the essentials for shaping performance and has a certain slant towards comedy but even more important is to find how to bring presence to an act and to the stage. “What I have found to be of most value to both enjoying performing and bringing enjoyable performance to the audience is becoming comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Act Creation Performance Lab

/ with Chantal McCormick (2017)

This is for participants with strong technical experience on one aerial apparatus, trapeze, fabric, hoop and rope to arrive with a short sequence of material that you are very comfortable with. NB If you wish to bring your own equipment to rig for this class we will do our best to accommodate that.

Come with an open mind and heart to play, explore and share as a group, open to supporting each other in a safe creative environment. Chantal will use theatre games and choreographic exercises to help develop aerial material, focusing on how to express emotions and play with scale on aerial equipment. Our goal is to create ease of moving in and out of the floor and up and off the equipment and conveying your story to the audience. The end result is not important, more emphasis on process, although as a group we may decide to show solos as part of a studio sharing or join sections of the solos into a group piece to be performed as part of the Emma Insley cabaret night. But please make sure you are free for the last Saturday of the festival.
Please bring a note pad and pen/pencil with you.