Rigging for Aerialists

Rigging for Aerialists

with High Performance

A two-day course with High Performance Rigging http://highperformanceproductions.net. This is an intensive course designed for Aerialists or people interested in a career as a rigger.

This class is intended for anyone interested in developing a better understanding of the fundamental concepts in aerial rigging. Each day will be broken up into rigging theory and rigging practical – lots of knots, venue-specific rigging, rigging circus equipment and how to work and practice rigging in light of health and safety.

The class will also provide insight into crucial questions that every aerialist should be asking their own rigger. You will also see how to write and talk about risk assessments and what to expect when working with venues and festivals (what they expect from you and what they will ask you as someone working in the area of aerial performance).

There will also be a chance to ask questions.

High Performance