Improver Rope Technique

/ with Emma Poole (2023)

This is a sequence based workshop learning tangle-y and flowy choreo and finding ways of adding your own flare to it. No beats here, think more sloth, we are going on a knotty adventure up the rope using interesting wraps to climb, play, and roll.

Pre-requisites: Able to invert in the air. Able to do basic rope moves (catchers, hiplock, footlock).

Skilled Rope Technique

/ with Rebecca Solomon (2023)

Introducing bigger and better dynamic skills to get on the ladder of endless explorations on rope. Adding small release technique and hip-lock related sequences. My personal favourite amazon beats will be explored!

Pre-requisites: Hip-lock, catchers. 

Advanced Rope Technique

/ with Rebecca Solomon (2023)

In this class, we will spend part of the time levelling up, creating loops to play with and working on our technique of higher level dynamic skills including catch and release work, rolling and beats and integrating them into sequences.

Pre-requisites: S-wrap roll down, inverted climb, straddle beats, 5 second one-arm hang.

Rope Skillshare

/ with Emma Poole (2023)

A rope playground to share and explore with each other. Perfect for troubleshooting things you want an outside eye on and finding new pathways by collaborating with other rope lovers. 

Note: This is not a technique class, you’re skill-sharing with other participants.