/ with Sasha Krohn (2022)

The straps classes will focus on the introduction of creative pathways, as well as new tricks and movements that enhance the students performance level.
Every class will provide a new input for every participant to work on their skillset intensively. Students will be given the opportunity to work on their (!) desired tricks with Sasha’s help too, rather than just working on teacher-dictated moves

Straps Technique  

/ with Shannon McKenna (2022)

For those curious about the tools and technique necessary to begin or deepen their training for skills such as meathooks, flags (also known as reverse meathook/arm breaker/side planche), spinning, and other vocabulary.

Depending on the class, this may further into advanced territory: For those who are comfortable with traditional straps technique and are looking for creative avenues to expand their movement vocabulary. This class will focus on creating transitions, sequencing, and variations based on the unique talents of each individual in the class.

Pre-requisites: comfort with straight-arm inversions and skin the cats (“comfort” means you have the ability to demonstrate one) at least 6 months consistent practice on any aerial apparatus