Improver Aerial Dance Trapeze

/ with TBC (2022)

Have you felt what it’s like to be in the air and long for more experience? This workshop will be looking at using our bodies more efficiently, in order to spend more time, less muscle, and relax in the air. We will be looking at transient movements incorporating rolls, spins, small swings, and drops, utilising our bodies to generate momentum, use our explosivity, and find new ways to challenge our basic knowledge of this bar and two ropes! For prerequisites, I ask for comfortable inversions and a willingness to push beyond your comfort zone. Full-length trousers/leggings are recommended.

Skilled Aerial Dance Trapeze

/ with TBC (2022)

So you’ve felt some airtime, perhaps felt what it’s like to swing or can comfortably use momentum to shift your body in the air. Let’s start pushing that. I aim to provide smaller drills and exercises that will help you achieve all those big tricks we know and love. This will be a combination of swing-type elements, open and closed rolls, and various ways to exit the trapeze.* This class demands a lot, and so I ask for you to be comfortable with straight arm inversions (on bar-type apparatus), a minimum of 3 consecutive pull-ups, and a willingness to fail. These types of movements and tricks rarely work on the first try, so we will spend some time falling onto soft squishy mats! For this class, long sleeves and trousers/leggings are recommended.
*optional balance elements depending on class size.

AdvancedAerial Dance Trapeze

/ with TBC (2022)