Vertical Dance (Wall Running)

Vertical Dance Technique

/ with Lindsey Butcher (2018)

Strictly for aerialists with prior single point sit harness experience!

Working on sit harnesses; after checking through known vocabulary and correct use of rigging with each of you, we’ll begin with a short daily intro on specific core strengthening and preparation for harness, moving through basic orientation and vocabulary and building towards learning jumps, somersaults, sequencing and creative play on the wall.

Pre requisites: You must have previously attended a vertical dance course or have significant single point harness experience on the wall. You should be familiar with, confident and competent in demonstrating the pre-requisite list of spatial and physical propositions:

  • Planks on different planes
  • Finding your balance point/grounding under the rigging point
  • Jumping away and returning to the wall – with control!
  • Comfortable with rotations, (basic forward and back somy’s) and cartwheels on the wall.

None of these have to be perfect though, just available to you!

Please wear multiple snug layers around your hips and waist for your comfort. Long sleeved shirts are also handy for some moves. If you have a climbing harness you prefer and any kit (gri-gris, rigs, karabiners etc.), please bring them with you.

Vertical Dance Creative Lab (Skilled/Advanced)

/ with Lindsey Butcher (2018)

STRICTLY for aerialists with prior single point sit harness experience!

In this creative lab we’ll start with guided improvisations and build on these into creative play. We’ll look at spatial relationships and the available potential between floor and air and take time to explore. You must have prior vertical dance experience and a willingness to explore to take this class.

Vertical Dance/Wall Running Technique

/ with Kathryn Cooley (2018)

This class is for anyone and everyone who wants to try out or improve their skills on the wall. Within the class you will learn how to operate all the equipment used in vertical dance training safely. You will also get to learn positions on the wall, jumps from the wall (including somersaults and cartwheels) and of course some wall running. By the end of the week we will have a small routine put together that can be performed with the others within the class time.

What to bring: Water and some crystallised ginger!

Clothing: bring as many layers as possible. The harness hurts after a while so padding especially around your thighs, hips, and kidney area is essential.

Skilled & Advanced Doubles Wall Running

/ with Maire Dee & Sianna Bruce (2018)

Previous wall running/vertical dance experience required, but not doubles wall running. No partner required. The class will explore working with a partner beside you on the wall. How can you interact with your partner, how can you manipulate their rope? Exploring shapes, running and rotations, both in sync and out of sync.

Mixed Harness Apparatus

/ with Lindsey Butcher (2018)

Working in solos, pairs and groups, this class forms an introduction to the characteristics of working on a variety of rigging systems, in different configurations and spatial relationships and using guided improvisations to explore each new territory. We’ll begin each class with floor work, leading into aerial exploration. A really fun class which you can take at your own pace – and even better and you don’t have to hold your body weight on your arms!

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