warm down

Warm Down

A must for all IADFers. Get your body into shape in the morning, and look after yourself in the evening. Details as follows;

PLEASE NOTE: When choosing, please consider the time and location of your last class.

Teacher: Amy Ell’s Roll, Roll, Roll it out

This is an easy way to calm those angry muscles at the end of a grueling yet elating aerial day. We start on our back (wake up…no sleeping yet) and gently work tension out of the body to help in recovery from tired, overused muscles.

Qigong Self Massage (Friday only)
Yes, this is a thing!
The third day of any week in the IADF is when people are the sorest. Let’s be kind to our bodies and give them a gentle massage to work out some of the kinks….because, well, we have two more days to go!!!


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