corona virus 2020

Chantal, Jym and Yolandi are at home staying safe together, but Paul and myself are still hopeful that the 11th Edition of the IADF will still happen from 27th June to 11th July. It is a waiting game for all of us, as none of this is in our control. We have to support the health-workers who are there to help the vulnerable of our communities, Jym and Yolandi both have weak lungs so life is precious and I am taking this very seriously.

So my advice to all of you that have booked into the festival, keep booking into the festival if you want to come but do not book your travel to Ireland just yet. Those that have already booked into classes, paid, and booked flights, we are still hopeful that it will happen and if it does not then we will of course refund you (minus admin/booking/banking fees) or if you want to carry it forward to 2021 we can give you a voucher.

So we must all just wait. Fidget Feet with our board will make a decision early June if it is looking like we can do this, so we will act as normal until then.

These are very strange times and something for us all to listen to, what does it mean? I know in my heart when we are at the other-side of this, the people I want to be with is you, the global aerial community, to be flying and dancing and HUGGING, so we have to be patient and hope that it can happen in 2020, time will tell.

On a positive note it was going to be the biggest festival yet! We have approximately 165 people booked in, and it is only March! Last year we had approximately 200 of us at the festival! Of course I do not want to run the festival unless it is safe to do so!

Love Chantal, Jym and Yolandi and Fidget Feet team