IADF 2020


If you haven’t read our IADF Picnic announcement, go there first!

We’ve been blown away by everyone’s generosity with donations and well wishes, and we can’t wait to celebrate the IADF picnic with you all. A huge thank you to everyone. We wanted to give something back, and so we used a generous donation from Róisín & Marina Harten and to commission this amazing artwork from Jym Daly!

We wish we could still produce hoodies, but logistically we can’t start shipping them out to everyone. So we’re going to do two things!

1) Supply the artwork so that anyone can have their own t-shirt printed.

2) Offer t-shirts for sale through a company that will print/ship them directly.




Here are direct links to the high quality images. We’ve supplied them in a variety of colours so that they’ll work on any colour of t-shirt, even if it’s a colour we’ll never do a hoody in!

Most online printers will just take one image and print it. Some fancier printers, might want each colour to be its own layer (this is how we print the hoodies). We’ve supplied the separate layers in a zip file in case you need it.

There’s also the DIY at home method! You can buy iron on transfer paper, print the image onto the paper, and then iron it onto your own t-shirt. Or if you’re the arty type, maybe you can trace the image onto a t-shirt!

We can’t wait to see what people come up with at the picnic, but of course there’s no obligation. We’ll take a group photo on Zoom!



IADF 2020 white lettering – DOWNLOAD

IADF 2020 black lettering – DOWNLOAD

IADF 2020 for black background – DOWNLOAD

IADF 2020 red lettering – DOWNLOAD

IADF 2020 three separate layers – DOWNLOAD

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We found a company that will print/ship the t-shirts directly, AND they have warehouses in both the US and Europe so shipping is more reasonable.

But Paul, why are they so expensive compared to a hoody, you ask. Well, dear reader, the hoodies are bulk printed which drastically reduces the price. Unfortunately to print on demand will always be more expensive. We only make a few euro on each shirt.

For anyone who has already donated, or anyone who needs to save money, you can use the discount code DISCOUNT for €3 off per t-shirt. Anything you buy will of course also get you an invitation to the IADF Picnic. 

There are 43 different colours/designs for sale, so make sure you have a good look! The sizes may be different to what you’re used to, so please check the size chart carefully. (I wear a medium but for these I’d have to order a small.) You can see the shop below or visit it directly here.



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