Fidget Feet and the Irish Aerial Dance Festival are excited to partner again with the National Circus Festival of Ireland to bring you a series of aerial dance masterclasses in 2023! These classes are aimed at more advanced aerialists, and will require submitting a video to prove you are the correct level to participate.

Fidget Feet has been bringing aerial classes to the NCFI for years, and those regular classes will continue. These new masterclasses are to begin raising the level of aerial available, and bring a little taste of IADF to the Winter months!

These classes are included in your festival pass but require booking.

Sasha Krohn

1. Jude - Creativity

Jude on Creative Aerial Workshop

In this workshop Jude will introduce methods of exploring the body in space and the body in equipment, with focus on authentic organic movement. They will then take participants through an adaptive creation method, implementing parameters to stimulate the development of new ideas, pathways and expressions.

This workshop is open to any aerial apparatus, though not suitable for early beginners. It will be ideal for those feeling stuck in their creative process, those excited to taste new flavours of creativity, and those inspired by the movement qualities of others. Participants will leave the workshop with new methods and material to sequence and develop upon.

Notebook and pen required.



Judenald Marcus Penders (They/Them) is a performer, a creator, a commentator. A philosopher, poet, and musician, they aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of the world and of humanness through art, creating performances that foster and develop intimate connections with audiences.Themes of interest in their most recent work include identity, gender, and relationships – as they relate to who we are as people.

2. Jenny on Hoop

Jenny Tufts on Aerial Hoop


90 minutes of brain-teasing slithery sequencing, best suited to students who have a strong current aerial hoop practice and are comfortable working with fast spin. Clothes which cover your legs, midriff, and elbows are advised for comfort.


A strong, current aerial hoop practice
Ability to flare into a spinning hoop
Comfortable pull-up from dead hang
General flexibility and a confident single knee hang are recommended



Jenny is an American-born, Ireland-based performer, creator, and teacher of contemporary circus, known primarily for her choreographic innovation in the worlds of aerial hoop and spiral. While she specialises in spinning steel she’ll try anything twice, and identifies as an untrained but enthusiastic dancer.



3. Sean McIlraith on Rope

Sean McIlraith on Rope

Rolls & S-Wraps

This 1.5 hour workshop is aimed towards intermediate/advanced rope & silks students. This workshop will be on rope, but is all transferable to fabric. Beginning with specific conditioning and drills to find each individuals balance points, engagement of right muscle groups and small amounts of theory, the workshop builds foundations for participants to take the content and build and develop it in their own time after the workshop.

S-Wraps – Working through ‘correct’ positioning, different entries, different ways of descending and exploring the movement as a gyroscopic concept instead of in a single plain this aims to open the students’ creativity to explore how they can move through this versatile wrap.

Rolls – Primarily focusing on roll-up technique, this section will be more focused on drills and all the different ways you can roll up a rope. Working on dynamic entires, static entries and roll-downs as a tool to grasp roll ups.

– S-wrap/helicopter wrap & descent (does not have to be clean)
– C-shaping experience on the floor or in loop of hammock/fabric



Sean McIlraith, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, discovered her love for circus in Ireland as a young adult. She trained at the Rogelio Rivel Escuela de Cirque in Barcelona and has since travelled across Ireland and beyond to teach, learn and perform.

Sean’s passions lie in eccentric and dynamic movement, specialising in rope, silks, and solo/doubles movement & floorwork. She recently ventured into creating her own works, with “RED LINES” being her debut production created with Monika Palova at the Dublin Fringe. This was highly praised, earning nominations for Best Production and winning Best Lighting Design. Her work is deeply buried in nostalgia, melancholy, relationships, and inner dialogue.


To join a masterclass, simply email a link to a video of you performing or training. This can be an unlisted Youtube link, Google Drive link, Dropbox link, WeTransfer link etc.

Sasha Krohn