We held out hope for 2020 as long as we could, but unfortunately the realities of making IADF happen are not feasible this year. The new government guidelines announced mean we can’t travel more than 20km from our homes. The theatre is unlikely to open again during the summer, and international travel is probably not possible. Therefore, IADF 2020 as we know it is unfortunately cancelled.

For people in Ireland in the lockdown, we’re still hoping we might have a small gathering in late August. We’ll send out a survey about this when we know more.


But we’re still a community and we want to come together! That’s why we’re planning the IADF Picnic 2020. Lots of the teachers have volunteered to offer online zoom classes or give talks, so we’re going to make a day of it. 

On Saturday July 4th we’re going to have an IADF picnic, with a whole day of classes, talks, hangouts, and ending with a zoom dance party with DJ Jym!

Anyone who donates any amount, no matter how much, will be invited to the Picnic. We’ll be working on the schedule for it and will announce it closer to the time. 

For people who have already paid, Paul will begin the process of issuing refunds when you fill in the form below. It might take a while to process. 

IADF runs mostly on ticket sales. This means all of the expenses and work done so far still has to be paid out of Fidget Feet’s pockets. We normally get some local funding and we’re waiting to hear if we can still get 50% of that.  If you’re in a position to donate, we really appreciate anything you can spare, but we don’t want anyone to feel obligated. 

We hope to be able to use the donations to offer the teachers a cancellation fee, as many artists are now out of work for the forseeable future. 


Refunds for those who already paid

Donations for those who haven't paid

Suggested Donations:

€10 - towards admin fees

€25 - towards admin fees

€50 - towards admin & teacher cancellation fees

€100 - towards admin & teacher cancellation fees