aidan o'shea

I fell in love with acrobatics, growing up under the teachings of Master Lu-Yi of the Nanjing Acrobatics troupe. My passion has become fusing dance movement, acrobatics ( at ALL levels! ), and character motivations to create silly and stunning moments of live, virtuosic movement that transport performer and audience alike from reality into imagination!

I’ve worked with the Pickle Family Circus, La Soiree, Pippin on Broadway… as an actor, teacher, acrobat, & dancer all over the world! I’ve been teaching the last three years, creating a whole new approach to acrobatics at America’s first degree certified 3 year professional Circus-Theater school, the Circadium in Philadelphia, PA.

This Summer I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be joining the Family at the Irish Aerial Dance Festival to teach ground acrobatics, group acrobatics, and cyr wheel! Come on out, it’s gonna re-invent the way you move!