aimée hancock

I found my way into the circus over 25 years ago, after growing up steeped in long days of
gymnastics, dance, music, theater and visual arts. At the ripe age of seventeen, I moved to
Paris, France to attend Annie Fratellini’s Ecole Nationale du Cirque where I specialized in flying
trapeze and tight wire while braving the dark corners of multilingual adventures. After Paris, I
moved onward to the lush landscape of the West to continue my training with Master Lu Yi in
San Francisco, CA gaining a deeper understanding of acrobatics and its various disciplines, all
while continuing to dance and play music.

Since those early years, I have worked with a variety of circuses such as: The New
Pickle Family, Cirque Baroque, Les Sept Doigts de la Main, Cirque du Soleil, Philippe Decouflés
DCA and I am an original cast member of Cirque Eloize’s RAIN, which performed sold-out
shows around the globe, including New York, Paris, Moscow and Seoul.

In the studio, I work with people from all over looking to gain greater technical skills as
well as create unique work. I have an eye for dynamics and inertia work as well as a hunger for
finding new and creative ways to utilize the body’s mechanical and expressive potential. I work
with each person and their body from a place of physical analysis combined with a big picture
perspective in regards to longevity of career and physical health.

Currently I am based out of Vermont, USA.