Irene Schuberth

Irene was born in Amstetten (Austria) 1983. She graduated in modern dance, contemporary dance and dance theatre 2005 on the Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands. Since 2009 she has performed and trained aerial and different circus arts around the world. Irene is a qualified aerial, dance and Pilates instructor, teaching people the secrets behind the highly acrobatic art form. As a choreographer and performer Irene is working the last years on the concept of unifying the dance on the floor with the dance in the air. Dance is movement in time and
space, Irene has focused on the concept of transforming the dancefloor into a three dimensional space.

Irene performed as a freelancer around the world in international companies like T.R.A.S.H. (NL), “ST 101 improvisation dancecompany” (NL), “Workshop of Arts” (GR), “Flowmotion dancecompany” (A), “Phoenix Creative” (A), Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre (IRA), “Natura” rigging performance company (India) and “Nataya Nectar” aerial and dance company (India). Currently Irene is touring with “Flare Performance” circus performing arts company (A).

Irene Schuberth

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