Lindsey Butcher

Since graduating from London Contemporary Dance School in 1984 Lindsey has worked with numerous dance, theatre and opera companies as a dancer, aerialist, teacher, mentor and choreographer.

As a dance and aerial practitioner she has over 30 years of professional practise and has been creating vertical-dance for almost 20 years. Her dance credits include; Extemporary Dance Theatre, Walker Dance/ Park Music, Darshan Singh Bhuller, Vincent Dance Theatre & Siobhan Davies Dance Company. Circus credits include; Ra-Ra Zoo, Gandini Juggling Project, The Dream Engine, Scarabeus, Momentary Fusion, Fidget Feet & Upswing.

In 2003, (after winning the Jerwood Award for Circus) Lindsey founded the aerial dance company, Gravity & Levity to provide a vehicle for her artistic vision. Under Lindsey’s direction, they have created 3 full length touring aerial dance productions, an outdoor piece and several site-specific commissions and won a Dance for Camera award.

Lindsey is also equally passionate about creating professional development opportunities across all levels within the aerial dance sector, from enthusiast to professional and established the annual European Aerial Dance Festival, now approaching its’ 9th year.

She is also a founder member of the Vertical Dance Forum, a transnational group whose aim is to disseminate this practice and support the development of the art form.

Lindsey Butcher

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