Livia Etelka

Livia Etelka’s background is deeply rooted in the world of dance, starting her journey at the age of 4. Following a classical training in ballet, it gave her the foundation and curiosity to experiment with many other genres and to never cease exploring the art of movement and expression.

Being sent off every summer to circus camp as a little girl, Livia always had a sparkle in her eyes for aerial, as it beautifully blends the elegance and complexities of dance, theater and athleticism. It wasn’t until she joined the Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Arts and integrated its company for 4 years, that she really dove in the fascinating world of aerial dance.

For the last 5 years, she has been on the road, traveling the world as an independent aerialist and dancer. Constantly expanding her knowledge and learning from mentors all around the globe, she strives to integrate all of her life experiences and modalities in her work and vision. She has been performing internationally across four continents, and teaching alongside. Remembering to also get back on her feet, she is a member of Daniell Alnuma Theater Dance Company in India for the last 3 years.

More recently, Livia has been directing and producing her own circus shows in India, with The Feral Banyan Circus, an international collective she gathered.

Livia loves (geeking out over) any types of movement practice, and teaches yoga, Vayu Aerial Yoga and GYROKINESIS Method.

Livia Etelka

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