Oran Leong

A multidisciplinary dance artist in the genres of traditional Irish, contemporary and aerial dance, Oran creates original works that cross over fields of theatre, abstract and spectacle performance.

Oran first began learning dance at the innocent age of 6 when he mistook an Irish dance class for breakdance. Despite winning three consecutive Irish dance World Championships and completing an MA in Contemporary Dance, he has come to understand that he is still learning movement, engaging in the moving body with even greater curiosity. Being one of the few Irish-born dancers to have never studied abroad, Oran proudly acknowledges his movement as homegrown.

Working for a number of Irish and international companies in his variety of dance styles, Oran has also been Assistant Artistic Director of Laois Youth Dance Ensemble and was backstage presenter for TG4’s dance show ‘An Ríl Deal’. He has created his own solo dance works which have been presented at multiple stages at home and in Europe. Oran has successfully received Arts Council Ireland awards in Traditional Arts, Dance and Circus, and offers mentorship to other creatives through his accumulated knowledge. Currently, Oran is Fidget Feet’s Associate Artist and was Dance Artist-In-Residence at Ballina Arts Centre 2023.

In his own words, the first time Oran tried the spiral, “I absolutely hated it.” He was then reintroduced to spiralling through a dancer’s perspective and, “then I fell in love with it from the ground up.” This floor to air approach will form the basis of Oran’s baby spiral classes.

As for the breakdance class, he has yet to take a lesson…

Rebecca Solomon