Yiaki (Kiriaki Baili) lived her early childhood years in Germany, later moving to Athens, Greece, where she still lives today.

Specialised in Straps and Rope, she loves exploring dynamic moves in the air. She focuses on proper strength training to gain better control of her body and, by combining the above, she aims to feel weightless. Having taught numerous workshops and seminars across Greece and abroad, she shares her passion for aerial acrobatics and dynamic transitions in the air. Last December she also did her first Straps and Rope Intensive Retreat in Costa Rica.

In 2022 she opened her own studio in Athens: Momentum Aerial Acrobatics.

As a performer, she has participated in numerous events and festivals in Greece. Most recently she directed the performance of Momentum Aerial Acrobatics, titled “Growth“.

Her video, Aerial Straps – Bageion, was featured in the SESC São Paulo International Circus Festival 2021, the Athens Video Dance Festival 2022, and more.

Rebecca Solomon